After-School FAQ

Can I try just one day?

YES, just give us a call to book (416-604-3300). Single days are offered at $30 (+hst). Note it does not include pick-up from location schools, so parents have to drop off their kids at oaks ‘n acorns after 4 PM. Pick up is between 5:30-5:45PM.

My child's school is not on your pick-up list, can we still join?

YES, children from other schools can be dropped off at our studio after 4 PM each day. We are currently only offering pick-up from St. Brigid’s school, but we are expanding, so please email us to inquire to get your school on the list.

Are you a licenced daycare?

NO, we are a recreational facility offering after-school recreational programs for children aged 5-10-years. Children are allowed to participate in up to three-after-school programs per week per contract provider. This is why we have partnered with CareerFit Mom to offer parents the most flexibility and days per week.

Is snack included?

YES, we offer a yummy snack each day. Note children with severe allergies are asked to bring their own. There is no discount for omitting the snack option.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

NO, we do however offer a multi-day discount meaning the more days you join per week, the more you save (up to 20%).

Five Amazing After-School Programs all under one Roof!

For children aged 5-10-years / SK – Gr.4


We understand that kids wanna do more than just one activity per week, they want to do them all! But where can you find a place that offers both Art & Craft, Music & Drama, Gym & Fitness, Dance & Movement & PlayFit Kids under one roof? The answer is simple; At oaks ‘n acorns in partnership with CareerFit Mom.

Join any or all of our five-amazing after-school programs for kids aged 5-10. Our teachers are experts in their field, and our programming is educational, team-building and FUN! There is something offered for all kids interest.

MON, TUE & THUR is run by oaks ‘n acorns.

WED & FRI is run by CareerFit Mom.

What makes us awesome

★ PICK-UP FROM ST. BRIGID’S (or drop-off at our studio) *We are expanding our pick-up options to new schools, please email to inquire. 





★ STUDENT PICK UP: 5:30-5:45 PM


All programs are charged at $30 per program day which is charged monthly on the 1st business day of each month. The total monthly charge will vary each month depending on the total number of program days occurring that month.

*There are no charges for non-program closure days such as P.A. Days, March Break, Holidays etc.

A multi-day discount is offered as follow:

  • Children attending 5 days per week receive a 20% discount off their total monthly charge (as low as $24 per program day – Approximately $480/month)
  • Children attending 4 days per week receive a 15% discount off their total monthly charge (as low as $25.5 per program day – Approximately $408/month)
  • Children attending 3 days per week receive a 10% discount off their total monthly charge (as low as $27 per program day – Approximately $360/month)
  • Children attending 2 days per week receive a 5% discount off their total monthly charge (as low as $28.4 per program day – Approximately $240/month)


Choose your program(s)

Mondays – Art Stories Program

Art Stories combines literacy and art in a fun and engaging way.  Each class we will read a new group story and have a creative discussion about the book.  Each student will create art based on the book we read and explore other forms sensory learning and experimentation together.   This combination of reading and creating deepens our understanding of the story, practices our reading skills, improve our concentration and focus, helps us learn about the world around us in new and creative ways, spurs Imagination and increases vocabulary and communication with our ideas through art.

Tuesdays – Music & Drama Program

Children will sing, dance and move in our very popular Glee Program.  With performance and movement, children develop spatial awareness, become less clumsy and pay more attention to others sharing their space.  And through singing, we use our voice and other instruments to express feelings and learn pattern, pulse, rhyme and structure.  Using this combination of singing and performance, we lead and encourage self-expression and story-telling in our young superstars.

The Glee repertoire will be selected from a diverse variety of genres such as pop, musical theatre, blues, folk, traditional and more. Children will create their own repertoire as well as begin composing a performance as a group. It is truly gleeful to see our young students develop social skills, make friends, bond, express emotion and gain confidence.

Wednesdays –Physical Fitness Acro Program

*Offered and run by CareerFit Mom

A fantastic team-based fitness program encouraging children to inspire each-other on.  Our program includes Acro gymnastic floor techniques, yoga and play movement.  We’ll develop skills in our growing “big kid” bodies as we learn to stretch over backwards in a bridge, crab walk, handstands, balance on balance beams, and climb over special challenging obstacles.   Using our team building Parachute, Stretchy band and Octoband our group activity comes together and we get our kids moving!

Thursdays – Creative Movement & Dance skills

This weekly class is high-energy fun as we enjoy the world of Dance and Movement.  We explore the most popular old school hip-hop dance styles, modern jazz routines, group routines and free expression moves. Dancing is a great physical activity and can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina, with the added bonus of channeling the seemingly boundless energy of young children!

Dance is also a confidence builder and in every class we’ll work on the character development that goes with being a live performer on stage, and have fun adding humour and bravado to the ultimate routine.

Fridays – PlayFit Kids

*Offered and run by CareerFit Mom

Build confidence through fitness, drama, art, and creative play. Our programming will keep your kids having fun and staying active while also:

– Building emotional and moral intelligence
– Empowering kids to be kind to each other…and themselves.

The kids will be active through fitness skills and games that lets everyone feel successful and strong. Bonus, we have fun games and activities that teach all-important characteristics such as:

– Empathy
– Leadership
– Respect
– Fairness
– Tolerance

Kids will learn friendship tools to help them with potential future social aggression and bullying issues. They’ll also earn how to “do the right thing” for themselves and others – developing good moral values by helping others and standing up to cruelty.


Please fill out below form to learn more about our program and to obtain a registration package.