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November 2016

It’s officially November and as the candy slowly disappears into thin air from all that trick & treating, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that the time-change has meant nothing but less sleep for everyone! and that the kids are now extra ready to get out of bed and start their active day at 5AM! So may we suggest burning off all of that extra energy by enrolling into an active program in our MIX Term which kicks off this Saturday November, 12th onwards.

November is also the month where we begin our seasonal Holiday Workshops meaning you can participate in a fun Bake & Craft workshop with your child, or partake in one of our professional workshops such as “Sleep workshop” offered complementary by Wee Sleep.

Regardless of what event or program you choose, we look forward to seeing you and your kiddo(s) at oaks ‘n acorns, so please sign up now and enjoy this dark and gloomy month in our community of fellow parents and children who share similar interest as yourself in our Activity studio.

Happy November.

the oaks ‘n acorns TEAM

Baby Sign Language Demo Class

AGE: 0-1-year olds
WHEN: Monday, Nov 14 at 1:00PM
COST: Complementary demo class

Program Description:
Long before your baby can speak, he or she has the ability to understand speech and wants to communicate with you. Most babies are able to sign back to you by the time they are 8-12 months of age. Join us for a structured term to learn American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary, songs, and language development strategies to help your child communicate sooner and with reduced frustration. Learn signs to help you get started, food signs, family signs, daily routine signs, animal signs, toy/play signs, manner/support signs and outdoor signs.


Kids Night Out

AGE: 2.5-8-years
WHEN: Friday, Nov 25th
TIME: 5:30PM – 8PM
COST: $28 / Members save 10% / Siblings save 20%

Special Event Description:
The night features lots of play-time at the craft table and in the gym, a pizza party, and movie fun enjoyed with hot-air popped popcorn that we make together!
Parents get the chance to have some fun on your own, reconnect with your spouse, and enjoy some great food. Or simply take advantage of a couple of hours of peace and quiet while we entertain, feed, and tire out the kids with fun & games, dancing and a short movie.


Sleep Workshop

AGE: Infant – Toddlers
WHEN: Friday, Dec 9th
COST: Complimentary with pre sign-up

Sleep Workshop Description:
Lisa Kvapil of WeeSleep Toronto will be talking about baby sleep issues, the importance of sleep, how much sleep babies should be getting, and lots of tips to set your family up for success and get fabulous sleepers.