Junction: Lil' Learners Preschool Program

A unique academic program that offers an opportunity for your child to take the first steps towards independence, literacy and problem solving to prepare for a future of academic success, through play based learning.

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We invite you to visit us and meet our amazing team of educated professionals. Read all about us on Our Team page.  To schedule a “Meet and Greet” please contact us at [email protected]

Program Description

This program is for preschool-aged children. Our Full Term program runs from September to June. Our Summer Term is July and August. Intake continues throughout the year pending availability.

Together, we take our first steps towards being independent and begin to build trusting relationships with our peers and teachers.  We offer a small teacher-child ratio (1:6) to ensure individualized attention and learning.  Our play-based learning environment will help prepare your child for kindergarten and future success in school.  During play learning, staff will encourage our lil’ learners to have more self-awareness, confidence, and independence when interacting with our peers.  Learning starts with sharing, respect, peer-to-peer feelings, problem-solving, classroom rules and friendships.  As our Lil’ Learners learn to follow routines, listen to others, and take turns contributing to group activities, it is our goal that each child’s natural curiosity grows while exploring new ideas in our Lil’ Learners Studio.


Main class studio

Story time and learning

Our Gym


New registrations for the 2018/2019 preschool term is still be accepted

When: September 5, 2018, to June 27, 2019
Days: M T W R F (2- or 3-days per week)
Time: 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Age: 2.5* years to 4 years
Equalized Monthly Fee:
2-days $320 (+hst);  3-days $480 (+hst)

*Must be 2.5 by September 2018 to join


Registration for 2018-2019 is ongoing
Program Days Offered: M T W R F
(Choose 1-day per week)
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Age: 2 years to 2.5 years
6-Week Trial Cost: *$150 (+hst)  *Non-refundable

Absolutely no exceptions for children to join younger than 24-months!

Program Highlights

Art – Our goal is to have your child experience a wide variety of creative mediums to encourage a love for the arts.  These will include but not be limited to; painting, sculptures, drawing, gluing, dramatic play and imitation, dance, play dough, sensory discovery and baking.  This will provide an opportunity for your child to have fun while strengthening both their fine and gross motor skills.

Music – Through daily singing and instrument fun your child will be exposed to the world of music.  Morning circle time will include songs exploring a wide variety of themes & cultures.

Physical Activity – Gym time will be a part of our program.  Children will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of physical play including but not limited to; organized sports, games, gymnastics, dance and yoga.  This will be an opportunity to strengthen your child’s gross motor skills, expose them to team building and leadership opportunities.

Academics – Through a variety of fun activities, your child will enjoy a literacy and numeracy rich program.  Children at play are actively involved in problem-solving, exploring new ideas as well as ways of thinking and creating new themes.  It is our goal to create the foundation for your child’s future academic success.

How to Enrol

Please email our lead preschool teacher, Mrs. Randi, to request a full registration package. Upon completion, a $100 +hst deposit will be charged to secure your spot for the program. The 1st & last months tuition is due in full 2-weeks before the program start date.

[email protected]


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email our preschool team. If you prefer a call simply email us your contact number with the best time to reach you.

Lead Preschool Teacher: Mrs. Randi

Email[email protected]

Intro to Preschool

A program for children as young as 24-months

Introducing young children (24 m to 2.5 yr) to preschool!  The program is offered as a 6-week trial session, providing your child with a sneak peek into preschool. It is the ideal way for your little one to best settle into our full program.

What are the Times, Days and Cost?

Intro to preschool is offered once per week, per child, and can be arranged for any single day (M-F). The time is from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AMThe cost for a 6-week trial is $150 +hst. We offer only one (1) spot per preschool day for this program.

When does it start from?

Anytime!  You and your child will first join us for a Meet & Greet in our preschool studio with the teacher.  At this time, we will discuss the best start time for your child and our team within the next month.

How do we register?

Please contact our preschool lead teacher Mrs. Randi directly via the form below and request a Meet & Greet for the “Intro to preschool” program.   Registration details will be discussed in person.

Does my child have to be potty trained for the intro to preschool program?

No, your child does not need to be fully potty trained at this time. Please let us know how far along in potty training your child is.

Please keep in mind, children enrolled into our full preschool program must be toilet trained, so we highly recommend having started the training before starting “Intro to Preschool” with us.

Can we continue after the 6-week trial?

Absolutely! The goal is to have your child join our full preschool program once they are ready, but be prepared that it may require a few 6-week trials which can be booked back to back.  When we see that your child is ready for more, we will let you know and you will have the option to register for our full preschool program if you choose, which is 2 or 3 days per week.  All rates for our full preschool program can be found on this website under the 2018/2019 pricing section.

Schedule a preschool tour

  • It became clear to us that our child needed something in between a home daycare and kindergarten. Oaks n acorns preschool is providing the perfect bridge! The preschool is structured yet nurturing, with small class sizes and great arts activities. The staff communicates well with parents, and even offers individualized feedback for each child at points through the year. Thanks, oaks n acorns preschool team! – Alysse

  • Lil Learners was my three-year- old’s first time taking a class without a parent nearby and he loved it from day one. The teachers are warm, supportive and enthusiastic and my son has developed social skills, learned his numbers and is in the early stages of learning to read. I would highly recommend this program. – Vanessa

  • The Lil’ Learners program has been a wonderful introduction to preschool for our daughter. She quickly connected with the teachers who were all very friendly, caring, and enthusiastic. The program is well organized and offers a wonderful range of well thought out activities. We would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is seeking a quality, part-time preschool program – Dawn

  • We have been thrilled with the Lil Learners preschool program at Oaks n Acorns. Ethan has thrived in this program and is totally ready for JK in the Fall. He has been sharing stories, singing songs and showing his artwork to us throughout the school year. The teachers have done an excellent job of keeping parents updated and providing opportunities for parents to see what the kids have been working on. The preschool graduation was so cute – love the thought and effort the teachers put into making this a special day for the kids. Truly a first-rate program which I would highly recommend. – Serra

  • Thank you so much for offering such a great preschool program Wren has absolutely loved the experience and has learned a great deal over the past nine months. I have been very impressed with your preschool program. I will certainly recommend it to others. Wren was always super excited in the mornings of preschool and I know this has been great preparation for her transition to JK. Thanks again so much! – Katherine