Visit and Photo with Santa

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Santa will be coming to oaks ‘n acorns again this December for his yearly visit.

Have the kids meet Santa & Mrs Claus and tell them all about what they want for Christmas while oaks ‘n acorns take one digital photo per child. (Digital photo will be sent to the parents’ email approximately 2-4 days after the visit.) Please join us!

Sibling pricing option includes one individual photo per child as well as one photo together (if parents would like that and the kids allow:)

Note: Booking times are approximate and will happen within a 30-minute window. Play is included with your visit so come early 🙂

1 Child $25 / Members save 10% (+HST)
2 siblings $45 / Members save 10% (+HST)

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Santa will only be visiting our Danforth location this year, so if you are a Junction client we encourage you to come and visit our Danforth site for this event. Note you must create a new client account as your information will not automatically be transferred from location to location.